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Class Guidelines
  • Payment must be made no later than first class of the session.
  • Make-up classes within the end of the quarter.
  • Strongly recommend private classes before joining a group.
  • New Clients registrations are on-going.
  • No combined discounts.
  • Strongly recommend attending classes appropriate to your level.
  • Classes maybe changed without prior notice and will be cancelled if less than 6 registrations.
  • Gift certificates are available & can be purchased in any denomination.
  • Teacher substitutions maybe made at times without prior notice.
  • Classes are not transferable/not extendable.
  • No refund will be given.

Class Etiquette

  • DO arrive 5 minutes early or to the best of your ability.
  • DON'T leave early/or making noises that can be avoided.
  • DON'T eat for two hours before class.
  • DO let the instructor know about injuries/conditions that might affect your practice.
  • DO turn your cell phones off or leave them in your car.
  • DO be quiet. It's great to share a class with people you know, but it can be distracting to yourself and others to have an extended or loud conversation.
  • DO bring a towel /your own mat if you sweat, and arrive clean and free of scents that might distract or offend others.
  • DON'T push it. Instead of trying to go as deeply or completely into a pose as others might be able to do, do what you can without straining or injuring yourself.
  • DO pick up and neatly put away any props you use.
  • DO remove your shoes as soon as you enter the studio and not walking in the room with your shoes on.
  • DON'T chew gums. Gum is a choking hazard as well as an impediment to tuning in to your body's natural rhythms.
  • DO accommodate arriving clients by moving your mat a bit if necessary.


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