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“I had considered trying yoga for years, even purchased a yoga tape, but I never really got started even though my oldest daughter encouraged me to give it a try.  Finally, a good friend, who is 70 (twelve years older than me), talked me into joining her at one of Lily's private classes.  And that was the beginning of my love of yoga!  

I have never been "athletic," but Lily immediately made me feel welcome, comfortable, and successful. Since adding yoga to my life, I have improved my balance-both physically and mentally.  I have become more mindful of what I eat.  I have learned relaxation techniques to better manage stress. And I have improved my abilities to focus and stand on one leg!  Lily is a positive, inspiring force in my daily life and I truly look forward to going to yoga class! “
Jan K. - Woodward IA

“Lily is sincerely interested in each individual, their stories, families, personal journeys, and passions. She listens, but she also shares in the most unassuming way her own story of her family, her country of origin, her personal struggles, but most of all her unabashed and ever prominent joy for life and learning.  She bridges the gaps between us, no matter what they may be, as she communicates, teaches, and models the peaceful compassionate and joy filled life we are all striving for.  Lily knows no strangers.  I have seen her interact as a teacher, mentor and friend to a wide range of people, all of whom are drawn to her warmth and compassion.  She erases whatever boundaries or preconceived notions we may suffer in ignorance of realizing, that we are after all, more alike than we are different.  We are all part of the human family.”
Jan D. - Omaha NE

“Within weeks of private lessons with Lily, I had come to know her as a teacher of the highest order and an even more remarkable person in our community.  As I have been a teacher for thirty years, I was immediately impressed by Lily's teaching skills and her way with analogy.  Whether or not she realizes it, and I doubt her humility allows, she is impeccable in the way she delivers her instruction or skill.  She ‘listens’ to the beat of every individual and somehow takes those individuals and weaves them into the very large and diverse tapestry that is her world, our world.”
Jan D. - Omaha NE

Lily's skill and encouragement helped me improve my life through yoga.  As a result, I am healthier and happier.
Joan R. - Des Moines IA

My first real yoga experience has been with Lily and the Green Yoga House, and now I feel that I could never find a better studio.  Lily has an amazing ability to remember what I am working on - my strengths and my weaknesses.  She watches every move closely, often helping me to move deeper into a pose or offering ways to get more benefit from a pose.  I appreciate and value her guidance and friendship.  I also look forward to my strength class -- we have so much fun sharing stories as Lily guides us through our weight exercises.  I often learn something new each week as I get stronger!  I would recommend the Green Yoga House to anyone interested in the practice of yoga.
Liz B. - West Des Moines IA

I have MS and have worked with Lily Hou for about 2 ½ years.  She has adapted her instruction as well as the various poses to meet my changing needs.  With Lily’s wonderful direction, yoga helps me to feel better and gives me energy.  Lily is very knowledge as well as thoughtful in her approach.  I always look forward to my yoga classes with Lily!
Anita W. - West Des Moines IA

When I leave yoga class I feel simultaneously peaceful and energized!  It is a fabulous combination.  Class with Lily is special for many different reasons.  Lily is willing to tailor positioning and movements to each person when that is helpful.  She provides incredibly insightful tips on health issues.  For those people who think one has to be limber in order to do yoga, think again:  I don’t think I could touch my toes when I was five years old and I certainly cannot not touch them these many years later, but I can stretch and feel the positive effects the stretching has on my body.  It takes someone as gifted and knowledgeable as Lily to bring out the wonderful benefits of practicing yoga.
Judy C. - Clive IA

I first tried out yoga at Green Yoga House with a friend as something new to do while I was training for a half-marathon a few years back. After the first couple of classes I was hooked and it has now become my main form of exercise. Lily is an amazing instructor whether you're completely new to yoga or you've been practicing for years. Even in a full class she does a great job of giving every single person one-on-one attention throughout the session. I have enjoyed many different classes since starting at Green Yoga 3 1/2 years ago including all-level yoga, pilates, vinyasa flow, hot yoga, and most recently pre-natal yoga. All of them have been a great experience and I find myself always looking forward to class each week.  I would also have to say that yoga was a tremendous help in preparing mentally & physically for labor & delivery. I would recommend yoga to all expecting moms. I can't imagine finding a better workout that helps me to stay in shape while also being a place to relax & rejuvenate each week. Many thanks to Lily and all of the instructors at Green Yoga!!!" 
Jenna M. - Waukee IA

"Green Yoga House is wonderful.  Lily and her staff are highly trained and teach to all levels.  When I started, I could not touch my toes.  Now, my flexibility has improved tremendously and I feel healthier, happier, and much less stressed.  I recommend Green Yoga House to everyone.  Thank you Lily!"
Celene G. - Des Moines IA 

Lily's yoga classes have been "lifesaver" for me.  When I first started taking yoga with her, I could hardly get out of bed in the morning due to back and hip pain.  She watches the movements of each of her students to see what particular needs they might have.  She is very conscientious in her approach and shows a genuine concern for her students.  Her suggestions for specific exercises to do outside of class help me stay more limber in between classes.  I would and have highly recommended her to others.  She is a very special person and a terrific teacher.
Terri G. - Waukee IA 

I began yoga for the first time almost 4 years ago and for the first time in my life actually look forward to exercise. I was intimidated at first as I felt I had to be really limber or in shape but soon found that yoga is for everyone regardless of ability. Many of the poses can be adapted dependent on one's flexibility and Lily is very good at recognizing and remembering who is capable of each pose. I am certainly more flexible and stronger than I was and am so grateful that in my 50's I have found something that is healthy and relaxing and that I can continue into my old age. I found I have been more capable than I expected and with both Lily and Grace have found professionalism, friendship, encouragement and kindness. For me it's been an opportunity for a peaceful break from the daily routine. In today's stressful world I'd invite anyone to try it and you may be suprised how much you like it.
Julia N. - Clive IA 


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