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Q: I want to start yoga but feel intimidated. What if most students in the class are advanced?
A: Starting with private lessons or with the right level of group classes will be the recommended approach. Many of our students are relatively new to yoga, and some are absolute beginners. Each class has a broad representation of ages and body types. With PERSISTENT and REGULAR practice, EVERYONE gets stronger and healthier.

Q: How often should I practice?
A: Practicing in classes regularly, two or three times a week, is highly recommended. Greater frequency brings better results. Make yoga a priority, and the rewards are AMAZING!

Q: What are the benefits of yoga?
A: Benefits of regular yoga practice include mental clarity, stress reduction, increased strength and flexibility, improved digestion, detoxification and an overall sense of well-being.

Q: Which style is right for my first class?
A: Depending on your current physical conditions, you can select your first class from several styles we offer. We often send our fist timers to a beginner class, an Iyengar class or an all level yoga class. Talk to us first, and we will give you suggestions.

Q: Do you offer Hatha Yoga?
A: Absolutely! Actually every style we teach is considered "Hatha Yoga." Hatha is an umbrella term that refers to the yogic practice which combines posture (asana), breath control (pranayama), and locks (bhandas) as a means of calming the mind.

Q: What should I wear to class? Should I bring anything?
A: Yoga is practiced with bare feet, and it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. We recommend that you refrain from wearing any perfume or oils. You will need a mat, which you can bring from home, use ours or purchase in our retail store.

Q: Can I take your yoga classes if I have a medical condition?
A: We offer one-on-one private classes and small private group (2-3) classes to tailor individual needs such as medical conditions. Please talk to your medical doctor to get approval and let us know before the class so that we can address what your special needs during class.

Q: Do you offer any group or corporate discounts?
A: Yes. If you work for a medium or large company and think that your colleagues would be interested, give us a call and we can discuss the process.


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