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Private Lessons

We offer private or private groups yoga in the Waukee studio, at your chosen site or Lily's west Urbandale home for clients who have busy schedules, injuries or special needs.  Private lessons are designed for clients of all levels of yoga practice.  COMPLETE BEGINNERS are welcome!

As no two individuals are identical, each person starts yoga for different reasons. Private yoga class is customized for your personal needs, and 100% focused on you as an individual.  It is the most effective, and fastest way to reach your goals. Lily takes into account all your individual needs - your body, your environment and your life!  She teaches by observing and listening to identify your specific needs and then organize the best program for you! 

Lily also works with you and teaches you how to work around your physical limitations or work around an existing injury.  Lily has extensive experience in applying special yoga sequences to help with back pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress and depression. 

Benefits of private yoga instruction:

  • The instructor focus 100% of attention on you only
  • You will never feel overwhelmed or intimidated
  • A perfect time to address specific injuries and any health issues (Back, knee, neck, hips, shoulder etc...)
  • Release of physical and/or emotional tension
  • Increased body awareness
  • Relaxation
  • Improved ability to manage life's daily stresses

Private classes can include the following:

  • Breath control
  • Guided meditation
  • Hands-on poses adjustments
  • Specific physical therapy
  • Yin (passive) postures
  • Pre/postnatal yoga
  • Restorative (supported) postures
  • Any active types of yoga (Astanga, power and Iyengar etc.)

Schedule a private consultation today, please call Lily at, 515-991-6266 or email:greenyogahouse@yahoo.com


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